Regular teeth cleaning keeps you smiling

The primary means of sustaining a healthy, glowing smile is regularly scheduled teeth cleanings. The two main objectives for these sessions at your dentist are prevention and early detection. Regular cleaning appointments make it easier for a top rated dentist to recognize any possible problem areas before they create pain or call for substantial restoration.

With the aid of the latest dental instruments, teeth cleaning is easier and much more efficient than ever in the past. Our talented hygienists make use of leading-edge technology to give your teeth the most thorough cleaning attainable. What’s more, today’s procedures are very relaxed and completely painless.

Unlike the scraping and picking that most people think of, current teeth cleaning is made easier with ultrasonic scalers. These tools make use of imperceptible ultrasonic vibrations to eliminate oral plaque buildup and tartar from the teeth. This technology not only works much better than the older procedures, it is far more tolerable since it eliminates the dreaded scraping that was formerly standard practice for oral check-ups.

Once your teeth have been descaled, the hygienist will utilize a prophy jet to finish your teeth cleaning appointment. A prophy jet is a specialized cleaning tool that shoots a blend of water and baking soft drink onto the teeth.

This blend works to eliminate any kind of leftover plaque and polishes the teeth, leaving them smooth and shiny. The baking soda additionally works to reduce the effects of acidic disorders in the mouth that can weaken the protective enamel. The whole teeth cleaning procedure not only leaves your teeth healthier, it makes them look and feel fantastic, as well.

Naturally, routine teeth cleaning is not nearly enough to preserve optimal dental health and wellness. It is important that you take the necessary actions to keep your mouth healthy every day. You should read our separate blog post that details the ideal way to brush and floss your teeth to maintain good dental health. It’s never to late for good dental health, make an appointment today!