Laser cavity detection stops cavities before they start

Laser cavity detection is used to find problems at the earliest possible stage. Advanced dentist use a technologically advanced laser to identify and measure the depth of soft spots in his patients’ teeth. With this information he can determine how advanced the decay has become and whether restorative treatment is required.

Your dentist can recheck any problem areas during subsequent visits to decide when treatment should commence. The laser detection process is completely pain free, but critically important to tooth care. The pervasive use of fluoride has led to harder, cavity resistant enamel surfaces on teeth. At the same time, this has also made early detection of cavities more difficult. Laser cavity detection is the ideal tool for staying on top of this problem.

There are two important benefits to utilizing laser cavity detection. Since soft spots can be detected early, patients can be informed of things to do and things to avoid to slow the formation of cavities. In addition, early detection results in smaller fillings, which means more of the the natural tooth can be preserved.

Nobody wants to experience dental pain. Laser cavity detection makes it possible for a professional dentist to treat your dental issues before they would even be known to exist otherwise. This helps to guarantee that your problems never devolve to the level of pain or even discomfort.